Seize the opportunity!

It should be so….but yet,not always easy to achieve.We should think about all those things that fits us totally ,what we expect from life,what we really dreamed of becoming.And yet,nowadays,all we can meet during our path to the fullness of our ideals, are obstacles that prevent us shamelessly to make our already departing failed dreams.Is it just because of the crisis ?Or for the comfort that it has been neglected in the context of the  21st century’ work field?This is the battle nowadays,every single day we wake up hoping that this system will offer us more , and every night we put our head on the pillow beaten by broken hopes.

“Find yourself a good job,a secure one…they said”.But what about the job that gives you satisfaction?Why should we give up at this idea ?Isn’t it the most important think to follow?

We are too young to give up!!!



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