About winter…

There must be something strange about the coldness of the winter.I just couldn’t get it yet,but I will never ever stop looking for it.Is it about the memories?Or it’s just about our espectations?Love maybe?We all have those memories that keeps friends,the lost ones or places alive in our hearts,and this is something that it will never get lost,it’s the base of who we really are no matter what we becamed,grownups with no feelings,workers with no time left for tasting the hallo of the winter’s whiteness.You can see them,searching for gifts that have no reason to be bought,because will offer nothing but another object to organize in other’s closet and then to get rid of it,people always on running for shopping…What is shopping?What does it make you all feel?I see slaves of the modern world that have been affected by the consequences of what unawarely they have become under the courtain of democracy.I need to feel again,emotions,and not what society has decided for me to feel.Values have been lost,principles ar no longer the steering wheel of a healthy social life,fellings have been erraced from people’s heart.Well,about winter there’s not much to say…just underline the fact that instead of having emotions inside,we have only coldness.Oh yes my dear,we’ve changed the meaning of this wonderful season by bringing its coldness inside our hearts.

Merry Christmas to you all!




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