Having 28 years with no perspective 

      This is the century that censures us.We are young,now,but yet,the time passes us by without asking us:”hey,you know that I am not going to pass you by ,twice,right?”Get up ,put your dreams into a bag and throw it away,that is what our mom and dad have always said to us,because it is all about survival.NO!This is not all.Getting up is essential,like it is essential to use our voice,to yell and demand our rights,to grab our chances and to use them.YES,we must continue our own research and never stop.We are young only once in life.

      When you’re twenty you feel like everything is glowing,that everyone is by your side,that every single person you have around will never hurt you.Then you get your first kick in the ass,and a dark light swallows your illuminated tunnel.If you only knew then that everything is still about to come,that the best is yet to come,and the worst too.Yep,you could just save all those tears.At 25,you just might get started to preoccupate just a little,because you are still living into a world where you are asleep:you continue to go out ,without thinking to much at what the day after could offer you or less,you go on with those relationships that ar truly useless to you,that are just for fulfilling you time.And for about a couple of years more, you go on like this,flowing like a canoe without a guide on the river.The worst part of all ,is waking up from all this uselessness,and when you’ll realize that you are losing time too.You will feel your first myocardial infarct,fortunately only figuratively,and man how deeply you are going to feel it.Opening your eyes properly hurts,because you will realize how much you have lost:opportunities,chances,friends,love,culture,sometimes family too.The best part is that you still get some youth to spent,so use your brain and resume again,but this time don’t leave anything over,go all the way.

  I wish you all a good awakening….




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